Escape Rooms, Envato Style.

A review, by @asellitt

Envato's latest attraction, Nashville Escape, is quite the thrilling adventure. Avid puzzle solvers will find this to be quite fast paced. This Escape Room adds in a new dimension: time pressure. The clever puzzle designers have recruited the aid of actors who play the role of busy people with lots of things to do that are waiting on you to solve the room. This all culminates in what can only be described as a fantastic experience.

Would I recommend this to my friends? Heck yeah! 

Would I do it again? Sure! 

In a few months I will be likely to have forgotten how to solve it, and am sure I will find myself as entertained as I was the first time I solved the Room. I've included a full account of my experience below.

Please be advised, the following contains significant plot and puzzle spoilers. If you have not yet attempted the Nashville Escape Room, please stop reading here.

You find yourself in Nashville with a simple goal: join the Hangout. What do you do....?

You see the desk with all the machinery and step over. There's a control panel on the wall, looks promising. There's a power button. Excellent! You press the button and wait for it to initialise. The screen unfurls and the projector shines blue. We're getting somewhere.

There's definitely something missing...You think you might need a computer. Ah hah! The desk! An iMac. You wiggle the mouse. Great! It's on! Hangouts, well that needs Chrome. You open Chrome and see a bookmark for Hangouts. Excellent! Enter password.

You search around the desk and see a sticker on the monitor. You try it out and success! You're in! Now to join the Hangout. Oh no, no one invited Nashville. Whats the Hangout's name? Wait a minute! You've been invited to the meeting, you have the hangout name!

The screen is still blue, the controller still says it's initialising. No wait, its ready! Two options, VGA or HDMI pop up on the control panel. Well, it is a mac, you think. So you press VGA. Clearly wrong. HDMI it is. The screen is still blue. You sigh and look down and notice a little remote. Interesting, wonder if this is useful? You read the label: "B1 iMac". Hey! This is an iMac. Click. The blue screen disappears to reveal the Hangout. Yes! We have video! 

Your colleague is in the hangout, you say "hello" but get no response. No microphone!

You remember this from earlier Nashville Hangouts, there are microphones here somewhere. But where? You look around and notice a rather nondescript green cabinet. Wonder whats in there? Microphones! Success! You flick the switch to the on position, but nothing happens. Flat batteries? You open the battery compartment to wiggle them around and find it empty. No batteries.

Where could they be? You remember seeing some in a tub at Reception. But you're in Nashville! It wouldn't be a good escape room if it didn't provide everything you need. The cabinet, there are other draws. Top draw, batteries! Yes! The red light on the microphone flickers on, microphone working. You say "hello" again. No response.

You notice a label on the microphone, "Handheld 1". What's this about? You look around the desk and see a matching label on one of the black boxes. There's no power. You follow the lead down to a power board. Ah! Solved! Power.

You whisper a tentative "hello" into the microphone. Your colleague says "Hi" back. You sigh with relief.

Congratulations! You've successfully joined the Hangout in Nashville!